Karmic Constellation

Karmic Constellation is a branch that emerged from Family Constellation. It is a form of therapy that helps individuals understand the spiritual history of their soul and how it influences their current life. This branch of constellation work goes beyond the family history explored in Family Constellations and looks at the broader spiritual and karmic influences on an individual’s life. Karmic Constellation therapy uses representational work, rather than channeling, to explore the client’s soul history, including soul contracts, Akashic Records, and previous incarnations. By working with different dimensions and aspects of the soul, Karmic Constellation helps individuals release any hindrances or baggage that may be preventing them from living their best life. This therapy is based on the belief that we can change the karma with which we came into this life and that we are currently living in an age of karmic change. Karmic Constellation is an experiential therapy that combines work with feelings, emotions, and cognition to help clients integrate their healing and create real changes in their lives.

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