Family Constellation

Family constellation therapy is a powerful tool that can help individuals gain insight into the root causes of their personal difficulties. By creating a living map of personal, family, or other relational issues, systemic constellation provides a fresh perspective on complex and enduring challenges. This therapy, also known as family constellation, can help uncover the reason behind recurring patterns and address the root causes of difficulties and challenges in life. Often, individuals are unknowingly entangled and carrying the burden of someone else, such as within their extended family of origin or ancestors. Resolving these entanglements can help individuals achieve greater freedom. Based on the teachings of Bert Hellinger, the founder of the Family Constellation method, the therapy emphasizes the power of acceptance and finding the root cause of challenges. In family constellation therapy, hidden beliefs are brought to light and can be questioned, released, and overwritten. This therapy can be applied to various areas of life, including families, couples, children, disease, professions, work, business and management, politics, schools and universities, courts, hospitals, and individual issues. By using family constellation therapy, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics behind personal difficulties and find sustainable solutions to overcome them.

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