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Danica's mindfulness session at Mind Institute left a lasting impression on our psychologist team. Her expertise and engaging approach effectively relieved stress and fostered a sense of calm. Incorporating physical elements heightened the experience, leaving our team refreshed and grateful. Danica's passion and skill in creating a serene atmosphere were truly appreciated. We wholeheartedly recommend her for her exceptional mindfulness expertise.
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“What you seek is seeking you.”
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"I feel very strongly that I am under the influence of things or questions which were left incomplete and unanswered"
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Sattva Samara Welcomes You

Beyond a wellness destination, Sattva Samara is a journey of transcending the boundaries of the mind, body, and soul – guided by ancient wisdom.

‘Sattva’ signifies purity and harmony in Sanskrit, and ‘Samara’ derived from Hebrew/Arabic embodies protection and balance. Together, they are your sanctuary, your sacred space for awakening a sense of deep self-discovery and well-being.

What’s In It For You

A place where every step you take is a step towards your most vibrant, positive, rejuvenated self. Whether you seek solace, strength or spiritual therapy, we are here to set you on the right path that matters most to you.

Holistic Living: Nurturing the 12 Dimensions of Life

Research and ancient wisdom emphasize the significance of balancing 12 areas that shape our well-being. These 12 areas are based on four fundamental dynamics that shape our world, including:


Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships initiate with your own vibrations. Vibrating at a high frequency attracts similar energies. Ever questioned why relationships change or evolve. Shifting your vibration transforms the dynamics around you. We guide you to elevate your emotional, mental, and physical frequencies to attract the best versions of yourself. By addressing the root causes of disharmony within yourself, you pave the way for healthier, more fulfilling connections with those around you.


Career and Money

Our Career and Financial dynamics are intricately connected to parental relationships. Exploring fears associated with money and career shifts, understanding workplace dynamics, and breaking patterns stem from familial relationships. We delve into these patterns, guiding you to heal at the source. Liberate yourself from toxic work environments and embrace financial freedom with a renewed sense of purpose.



Family serves as the foundational ecosystem, shaping who we become. Whether born into a family or raised in different circumstances, our environment profoundly influences us. Through constellations, we help you understand your family story, family dynamics and entanglements that foster connections within your family system for profound healing and growth.


Wellness and Spirituality

Wellness transcends spa days or yoga; it’s a holistic lifestyle embracing 12 crucial life areas. Your body is a temple, and your spirit, the residing deity. Honoring the body, mind, and soul, we embark on the road to wellness: an integration of love, relationships, friendships, social circles, spirituality, career, skills, adventures, environment, health and fitness, intellectual life, creativity, family, and community.

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